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Tour to Paliki - the most beautiful part of Kefalonia!

Post date: 2015-04-20

The Paliki pensilula having as the most important city this of Lixouri is divided into two sections, the south lowland section of Katogi and the north mountainous section of Agogi.

In Katogi you will find beautiful beaches just like Lepeda, Mega Lako and the well known Xi with the red sand beach. In between, in Soulari village, you will find the most important churches of the island such as Agia Marina which is proclaimed as preservable due to the unique “combination” of architectural styles and the impressive temple. Kounopetra, which is to the east of Xi, constitutes another geological mystery of Kefalonia. It is about a very big rock which was rhythmical wobbled before the earthquake, but since then these movements have been decreased. In Brachinari and Batsa, which are even more to the east, you may find beautiful sandy beaches. Batsa are proclaimed as being the “Amazon of Kefalonia” because there, next to the exceptional tavern of Spyros Antonellou, a small river ends up crossing the thick vegetation. At the same area, at the ancient temple of Poseidon a very beautiful mosaic depicting four dolphins with a trident in the middle was found and which is nowadays exhibited to the Archeological Museum of Argostoli. Even eastern, the lighthouse of Gerogompou stands alone and defenseless.

Leaving for Agogi, two very important monasteries are waiting for you. The monastery Tafiou is deserted but its worth visiting it only to see the artistic eastern gate with the embossed wall paintings and cross the short dirt road with the amazing view which leads to the monastery. Very close, exactly above the sea, you will find the Kipoureon monastery being built at a steep rock of 90m height. This is one of the most significant monasteries of Kefalonia.

Do not forget to visit the quaint village of Kaminarata which is built higher than all the other villages of Paliki and fairly is called by the inhabitants as being the “Balcony of Kefalonia”. The view from the village is breathtaking at any side the visitor looks. From the church of Agios Ilia, they can see the East and all the Paliki area with its villages such as Lixouri, the flatlands and its mountains. Even further away from the gulf of Livadi, from the natural port of Kefalonia someone can see the Argostoli and its mountains up to the south and the deserted islands of Zeus, Bardianon and even further than Zakinthos. From Aetostasi, the highest point of the village, someone can see West to the vast Ionian Sea till the eyes get lost to the blurry line of horizon. Looking to the North you will see Lefkada and even further away other lands as well, such as Ipiros and Corfu.

Few kilometers to the North and after you cross a dirt road, you will stop at a wider part of it above the impressive beach of Platia Ammo! After continuing to the North and after passing from many quaint villages of Agogi, you will reach to another awesome beach, the so called Petanous.

The famous Kefalonia beach of Petanous

The well known beach of Petanous with the white small pebbles and the crystal turquoise waters is located to the Western part of Paliki. Taking down the road for the beach you will gaze at a picture of inconceivable beauty. This beach have been awarded with the Blue Flag and is well organized. It constitutes a real ornament of Kefalonia’s nature which is surrounded by myths and stories and which definitely will bewitch any visitor with its charm and mystery that accompanies it.

It is named also “Mirtos of Paliki” and it is the ideal place the tour to Kefalonia to be completed while enjoying the sunset in an enchanting location!

Conclusion - visit Paliki :)

The visitor in Paliki has the opportunity to chose for their accommodation among many hotel complexes, rental apartments or rental rooms of high quality and aesthetics, which are located either in the center of the city Lixouri or found widespread to the beautiful beaches and the evergreen hillsides.

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