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Accommodation in Kefalonia: hotels, rooms to let, apartments, studios and villas

Post date: 2015-03-26

We believe that what makes Kefalonia unique is that it aims simultaneously to different types of people. It has its cosmopolitan side, but its quiet side, as well.

There are beaches with red, yellow sand and with big or small pebbles with blue or turquoise waters being quiet or cosmopolitan depending on one’s choice. The same happen to its areas, as well. There are areas that are much cosmopolitan like Fiskardo and Argostoli, but also quieter like Lixouri.

In Kefalonia you can enjoy the sea sports in many beaches, just like for example at the beaches of Xi in Lixouri, Makris Gialos, Platis Gialos and Skala. There are also horse riding schools in Skala, Lixouri and Agia Efimia. Exactly, outside Argostoli there is a go cart and at the city there is a square where children can drive mini cars and motorcycles. There is also an outdoor cinema at the central square. Not to forget to mention that Agia Efimia has a scuba diving center.

At the accommodation sector, Kefalonia covers everything: From great hotels to small romantic apartments, or from rental rooms until luxurious villas close to nature. There is no doubt that anyone can find what exactly they want at the analogy of service/price they wish.

Kefalonia as one of the biggest Greek islands, but one of the flagships of the Greek tourism, gathers crowds of people all over the world. It is a particularly popular destination among Europeans, but of Americans as well that travel especially through charter flights during the high season that connect the airport of Argostoli with a series of European cities.

Choosing proper accommodation is of course a matter of preparation. Since you are planning your vacations on time, you have the capability of thoroughly searching what interests you the most. The categorization of accommodation is common in a way, so a good first step is to narrow down your choices into two, but maximum into three from each category. Especially for Kefalonia, that is a big island and combines the reach coastal line with the worldwide known beaches, but also the nature of inland, where Ainos is - the mountain with the unique black fir trees. Another factor that you need to take into your consideration is where the lodge that you will select is located.

Accommodation in Kefalonia, Greece

Hotels in Kefalonia

The hotels of Kefalonia cover a wide range of categories for various needs of the visitors. They have all the same common denominator: hospitality and comfort. Keeping the high standards of the qualitative tourism of Kefalonia, you will realize that they cover all the spectrum of what a traveler wants. You may find hotels in Kefalonia in every single point of the island: as apart from the coastal zones, you may chose the hotels of inland as well, that are built in traditional villages at the verdant hill sides of the island’s mountains. You have also the choice of a far distanced area, but you may choose a hotel in the center of most of the island’s settlements or at their between limits.

Rental apartments in Kefalonia

There is the last few years the prevailing trend according to which the visitors chose to rent furnished rooms, fully equipped in order to be offered not only a good sleep and good hygiene conditions, but other capabilities as well. The use of kitchen for instance is suggested in such an apartment that aims to visitors who plan to stay for many days. Additionally, as mainly the rental apartments in Kefalonia belong to group of apartments, then it is possible to find swimming pool, but also a restaurant-cafe; which will offer from complete and full breakfast to light lunch or dinner. Ending up someone at this solution, they have to chose from a wide catalogue which includes luxurious apartments autonomous or parts of a complex to simpler and more traditional apartments that somebody can find at the small villages of Kefalonia.

Rental rooms - Rooms to let in Kefalonia

It is the answer to your quest, if the decisive factor for your choice has to do with economical alternatives. The rental rooms in Kefalonia have nothing to be jealous of as far as the conveniences are concerned that are offered to whoever wants simple solutions, but absolutely satisfying ones. These rooms usually because of their size are located close to “Points of Interest” of every area, whether this means the center of a settlement or one of the beautiful beaches of Kefalonia. These rooms mainly constitute family businesses in complexes which are next to the house of the owner. Thus, the rental rooms in Kefalonia are well maintained in excellent condition and very clean, so that the visitor feels comfortably and also be offered the bet service.

Villas in Kefalonia

This solution has been steadily rising the last few years, as the number of the visitors, who prefer for their accommodation the isolation in combination with all the conveniences and the luxury that the villas in Kefalonia offer, get increased. These villas are newly built detached houses of impressive architecture all over the island that have their own garden and swimming pool even though they are located close to the sea. Here the prices are higher than the average of the other lodges. The rental villas in Kefalonia aim to visitors who have that amount and who they put above all their comfort.

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