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Kefalonia airport and flights information

Post date: 2015-02-17

General information - facilities

The International Airport of Kefalonia (EFL) was established and started operating in 1971. It is 8km away from the capital of prefecture, Argostoli.

From then until today many multilevel projects of the airport’s development and modernization were completed, that made airline services of high quality possible in the gradually increasing, with incredible rhythms, passengers and airplanes’ traffic.

The airport has modern, fully equipped premises of 4,500m², hall of 2,440m x 45m, airplane parking of 23 acres and additional parking for light airplanes of 3,5 acres.

The airport of Kefalonia is one of the greatest airports in Ionian islands with thousands of passengers service capacity on daily basis. Flights from (arrivals and departures from and to Athens) and to many airports abroad are being made every day during summer for the best service of the tourists who visit the island.

The greatest traffic is noticed during summer, with charter flights coming from many countries.

The airport’s premises consists of modern infrastructure with parking lots for tourist buses, taxi and rental cars.

Airline connections with Kefalonia

The main airline connection of the airport of Kefalonia is with the International Airport of Athens “Eleftherios Venizelos” with daily flights of the Olympic Air airlines. Additionally, there are flights of the Sky Express airline that connect Kefalonia with:

  • Herakio of Crete
  • Corfu
  • Preveza (Aktio)
  • Zakinthos
  • Kithira

List of Airline Companies in Greece

Tel.: +30 26710 28808 & +30 26710 28881

Tel.: 801 11 28 28 88

Flights - Arrivals and Departures from all over the world

The island of Kefalonia due to high tourist interest is also connected with many European countries with many charter flights.

From the UK (United Kingdom - England)

  • Thomas Cook Airlines
  • TUI Airways (ex Thomson)
  • Jet2
  • Monarch

Scandinavian countries (Sweden, Norway, Finland)

  • Norwegian air


  • AirBerlin


  • Jat Airways

Holland - Netherlands

  • Transavia


  • Adria Airways

Germany and Italy

  • Ryan Air

The island of Kefalonia due to high tourist interest is also connected with many European countries with many charter flights.

Kefalonia participated in the International Tourist Exhibition in Switzerland for second time which took place in Lugano on the 31ST of October 2014. The aim was to further promote Kefalonia as an area of particular travelling interest due to the direct connection of the island with Milan (Bergamo) in Italy, expecting of course the continuously increasing traffic of Kefalonia and the airline connection of the island with other European cities, as well.

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