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General information about Kefalonia island

Post date: 2015-01-19

Kefalonia is the largest island of the Ionian ones, in Greece. Of course, this is not the reason for why you will visit it, but much better because this island has the particularity to combine the desire of restful holidays on a beautiful sandy beach and the pleasure of bucolic walks and unforgettable discoveries. The island of Cephalonia conceal like this several archeological sights, especially from the Mycenian or archaic times, and impressive castles, recording the time when the Venitians were the masters of ports and business in Greece.

Are you are searching to rent a room with view on sea or a two-rooms apartment with kitchen in Cephalonia? It’s like it was done with Kefalonia Information ! Maybe you would like to practise green and alternative tourism in Kefalonia, to go all over the natural protected sights. Whatever you are planning: a stay based on beach, sea and sun, or on the contrary a deep discover with hiking, mountain-bike, climbing or scuba-diving, Kefalonia is a privileged destination.

Kefalonia is a truly Greek island, with towering mountains, heart-stoppingly beautiful coves, beaches lapped by the turquoise Ionian Sea and postcard-pretty villages frozen in time. Lassi and Skala are two of the biggest tourist areas, but anyone who wants the quieter side of Greek life will find plenty of sleepy villages.

These villages, as well as a lot of other settlements that are found scattered on the island, offer many choices for accommodation at the island, just as hotels, rooms to let and tapartments to rent which provide visitors with high quality facilities and services, satisfying all the requirements, while the personnel is helpful and friendly.

The largest of the Ionian Islands, sleepy Kefalonia’s pulse sped up with the arrival of film crews to make Captain Corelli’s Mandolin in 2000, but the notoriety has in no way spoilt the charm of the island.

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