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Enjoy the breathtaking landscapes and the beaches of Kefalonia's exotic beauty

Post date: 2015-01-19

Kefalonia constitutes the ideal destination for vacations, as it is a cosmopolitan island and a busy resort with traditional characteristics and rich, natural beauty. The hospitable residents with the unique mentality, in combination with the beauty of the exceptionally gifted landscape, compose a compelling picture that it is almost certain that you will become thrilled.

The lodgings of Kefalonia are either great hotels or rooms and apartments to rent which are built with absolute respect towards the environment and, of course, according to the traditional architecture of Kefalonia.

Kefalonia is full of verdant mountainous regions and enchanting coastal localities that interchange with one another in a magical way, having also scattered rooms and apartments to rent, while offering simultaneously sights of particular interest. The rich vegetation that a lot of times caress the wave, the natural caves, the impressive sinkholes, the sculptured rocks and the gold and silver beaches will bewitch you from the first glance.

Let the enchanting roaming at the island of Kefalonia drift you away, enabling you to enjoy unforgettable vacations.

Lodgings in Kefalonia

Wandering around in Kefalonia, you may come across to many interesting villages. Assos is one from the most scenic regions of the island, where impressive coves, a peninsula with castle and a cave with turquoise waters named "fokospilia" exist. Poros is a beautiful touristic resort and it also constitutes the central port of the island with astonishing archaeological discoveries. Fiskardo is a busy traditional village of an exceptional charm that reflects the nobility of the old Kefalonia. In the southern side of Kefalonia the picturesque Spartia is found, a village full of rich vegetation all around the area, built in a gulf with splendid beaches.

These villages, as well as a lot of other settlements that are found scattered in the island, offer many choices for accommodation at the island, just as hotels, rooms and apartments to rent which provide visitors with high quality facilities and services, satisfying all the requirements, while the personnel is helpful and friendly.

Beaches of Kefalonia, Greece

The island of Kefalonia is famous for its astonishing beaches with aquamarine waters and the impressively sandy coasts. In the northern side of the island there are beaches that are breathtaking such as Emplysi, Foki and Assos. Very close to Assos someone may find Myrtos, the most beautiful beach of Kefalonia, that constitutes one of the most often photographed beaches of Greece, and it is also considered to be among the most beautiful in the world. Do get the map of the island Kefalonia so that you can see where the beaches, that you want to visit, are exactly located. If you do not have your own vehicle, there are many well-organized agencies of rental cars that give you the capability of renting a car or a motorcycle.

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