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Best of Kefalonia: Restaurants - Taverns - Reviews

Post date: 2017-05-30

Spiaggia Tavern

There is an amazing traditional tavern at a beautiful beach having as main decorative elements the wood and the reeds which make it be in perfect harmony with the natural environment. Spyros Antonelos opened the famous seaside fish tavern “Spiaggia” in 1997. The Spiaggia tavern is located in one of the most beautiful locations in Greece, on the enchanting island of Kefalonia. Spyros is very famous for the fresh fish that offers to his beloved customers and friends from abroad and all across Greece who visit him every year. You will taste first quality fish and seafood that are fished by the local fishermen. The tavern is open every day since early in the morning until late at the night for those who want to taste “ouzo” with appetizers and nibbles while enjoying swimming at the beautiful beach or an afternoon walk.

Erasmia Tavern - Petani beach

On one of the best beaches of Kefalonia , the beach of Petani, we experienced professional service, delicious food and really friendly prices. We had lobster pasta for 5 people, squid, octopus,, meatballs salad and ouzo for 8 people. All these cost to us only 100 euros! I visit Kefalonia almost every year and I see that prices and quality remain unsurpassed, especially tavern’s meatballs and the casserole meals. The service is Impeccable and fast in spite of the numerous customers. Tasteful lobster pasta for 2 people with 13 euros (actually the portion was enough even for 3-4 people) The mussel on the other hand is also very special!

Ladokolla stin Plagia

Every time I go to Ladokola in Playa, at Damoulianata village, it is like I make a small trip towards various tastes. The meat pie of Kate waits to enchant you, the Playa salad to refresh you, the “kontosouvli” to get you off the ground and tzatziki is actually very delicious. The secret lies on the warm smiles of the people who owns it and from the first moment you feel like you belong there. When you think that you cannot eat any more and that you are full from the wonderful flavors, here the donuts of Spyros come in order to impress you!

Lovely food, warm people, great view, good prices! What more can someone ask?

Tavern Gialos Atheras

We, 10 persons, ate very well. Squid, anchovy, mussels and mussels saganaki are exceptional. The prices are quite good and the service is fast. The wonderful view takes a great plus.

Having a nice view of the Porto Athera while having good food and fresh fish. Nice music and very good prices! Visit it and you will not miss.

Tavern Drosos Atheras

This is a small Greek tavern located at the beautiful Porto Atheras Beach. The food was simple, traditional Greek, consisted of either fish or meat. The food was very tasty, the portions were good and well prepared. If you are lucky you may try the famous Kefalonian meat pie or the excellent moussaka. Also, a very cold draft beer is served, too. The service was fast and the personnel very helpful, while the prices were amazing.

Kaliva tou Psara Zola

It was the most delicious meal we have tried as far as fish are concerned. There is nothing specific on the menu as it is offered whatever has been fished during the day.

Only french fries are offered as appetizers (they are unbelievable!! the recipe is one but we haven’t tasted such fries anywhere in Kefalonia). You can find boiled seasonal vegetables with zucchini and the famous Greek salad. Service is very fast!

The fresh fish was at fairly affordable prices. It is highly recommended!

Tavern Atsupi Rifi village

Very beautiful small traditional restaurant that stands out from the rest. What impressed me the most is the high food quality and the good prices! The personnel is very kind. I will absolutely suggest it to anyone!

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