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Kefalonia - an emerging tourist destination!

Post date: 2015-07-22

Kefalonia is well known for its cleanliness and secure accommodation and that it is a peaceful place being especially suitable for family vacations.

Our island is an emerging travel destination! The freshness and the numerous genuine aspects of the island actually overcome some minor problematic points which cannot cast a shadow over the general positive viewpoint.

Some years ago the prevailing view point was that we are inhospitable and our services are very expensive! However, neither the one claim is true not the other.

Firstly, we are hospitable but no obsequious! Furthermore, we offer services of any economic level depending on what a visitor would like to have. We evaluate that at any level of service the relationship between quality and price is competitive in relation to other touristic destinations. You may for instance have decent accommodation with little amount of money.

We suggest you to make the necessary research if you intend to visit our island, but to book your room of your choice as early as possible.

Additionally, in order to book a room you may not only search for it in Lixouri or Argostoli, the two biggest centers of Kefalonia. Numerous hotels but rooms and apartments as well are scattered throughout Kefalonia aiming at any financial capability and which offer services of high quality.

Egnatia & Ionian national roads in combination with the capability of many sea connections has improved significantly - in comparison to the recent past - the capability of being visited by the Greeks of the northern Greece, who have already honored us with their interest and love, and we wish they will continue doing so!

Finally, Kefalonia offer many alternatives of alternative tourism (religious tourism, scuba diving, ecotourism etc.) while having its special culture, ancient monuments and the unique aura of the Odysseus island!

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