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Touristic presentation of Kefalonia

Post date: 2016-03-08

The public authorities responsible for the touristic development of Kefalonia have the positive results as being their short run objective. This objective refers to the continuous triggering of touristic interest in countries where Kefalonia is well known (e.g. England, Italy, Netherlands, France) by participating in International Exhibitions and reinforcing the already existing historic and cultural bonds. We enter into new markets (e.g. France, Germany) by promoting Kefalonia island in special travelers’ events that feed the traveling interest towards our island.

Kefalonia constitutes an ideal destination for people who adore the alternative tourism. Why do they adore it? For the nature, environment and activities just like hiking in Ainos, bicycling, diving, horse riding, sea sports etc., and of course for cultural reasons just like for instance visiting important museums.

Kefalonia (also known as Cephalonia) has plenty of hotels and rental apartments and rooms that offer services of high quality in affordable prices.

A holidays paradise and cultural center

Kefalonia constitutes the paradise of alternative tourism, because it offers a large variety of various activities that have special interest due to the nature’s diversity from the mountainous Ainos till the surrounding beaches of exquisite beauty, as well as the interesting paths that pass through natural canyons and traditional settlements.

Furthermore, the history, culture, ancient findings, traditional churches, museums, cave lakes, and roads that connect the wineries with other interesting sites make this island unique destination for people who search for alternative ways of tourism.

The island’s infrastructure is in a very satisfying level that makes transportation easy to both the provincial and rural areas having very good signage and information in both Greek and English language.

It is very difficult for someone to select just one special thing about Kefalonia, because simply all the islands constitute a natural paradise on earth of which the desire to discover it is born to every Greek or foreign traveler that honors us with its visit.

Everything of course depends on the time that the travelers will have available to spend to discover Kefalonia and on their special interests.

We could say that it is very important for someone to meet and get to know to the people of Kefalonia, who have inherited from previous generations the love for journeys, as being travelers, sailors or refugees themselves, that have the privilege to embrace the visitor in a uniquely hospitable and cosmopolitan way that creates long lasting relationships and a desire of coming back.

Kefalonia constitutes a cultural center of Ionian Sea with long tradition in arts, music, cultural associations, folklore and the choral songs that are organized through the municipality.

A special brochure that present all the program of the events that are planned throughout summer is published through municipality that actually is the cultural passport of any visitor who will have the opportunity to chose among numerous cultural events, exhibitions and concerts in every corner of our island. The “1st Kefalonian Open Air Film Festival: Cinema by the Sea” is worth to be watched and it will take place at a beach close to Argostoli the 1st week of August.

Kefalonian cuisine constitutes another powerful stimulus that someone can taste at our island, since rarely in the Greek cuisine someone can find the phenomenon to desire to sing immediately after they taste the feast of various flavors of which their roots come from many centuries ago.

Every tavern on the island has an exquisite delicacy to offer that makes sure that in combination with the local wine, Kefalonia will instill to any traveler the love for this island making them be a continuous ambassador of the island.

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